The Simplistic and Stylish SAMDI Headphone Stand Review

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samdi headphone stand boxProduct: SAMDI Wooden Headphone Stand
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Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Until recently my headphones were just laying randomly on my desk. Now, if you have one headphone it’s not a big deal. But when you have three headphones laying around, you get situations like headphones piled up on each other, cables tangled up, etc etc. A complete chaos actually.

So that’s why I started looking around for a couple of decent headphone stands. Eventually, my eye fell on the SAMDI wooden headphone stand.

This beautifully crafted wooden stand is available for less than 30 dollars and is an absolute bargain. I ordered three of them and they look amazing on my wooden desk!

Do you Really Need a Headphone Stand?

It all depends on how important your headphones are for you. Are they expensive or not? If they’ve cost you quite the money then it’s only evident that you would want to protect them from unnecessary risques of scratches and bumps when putting them away, right?

And even if they were cheap, you could still consider a headphone stand. I myself I’m a pretty well-organised person and I like my desk to be clean and clutter free. That’s why even my $39.99 Superlux HD661 has a place on a Samdi headphone stand.

samdi walnut wooden headphone stands
These are my own Samdi headphone stands. Even my Audeze LCD-2 fits nicely on them.

The Importance of a Good Headphone Stand

Headphone stands come in all kinds of different designs. They can look pretty and they can look ugly. The important thing to remember is that not all stands are suitable for every kind of headphone. Personally, I would always steer away from stands that do not fully support the complete headphone. Like hooks or stands that only support the upper part of the headband. The reason for this is, that they put too much stress on the headband and the cushioning of the headband. This is even more evident with heavier headphones!

Three key features of a good headphone stand are:

  • Solid base. Stay away from stands that can tilt over.
  • Good weight distribution for the headband. So no hook-like stands!
  • Respect the natural form of the headphones without stretching the headband.

Why I chose the SAMDI Headphone Stand

They tick all of the above key features and have a nice simplistic design. They go great with my wooden desk. Are very well build. And last but not least, they are super affordable, especially if you have multiple headphones like I have.

They also seem to fit a range of different headphones. My small portable Superlux HD661 fits perfectly. As does my Sennheiser HD 650. And even my Audeze LCD-2 sits nicely on these stands. One thing I noticed with the LCD-2 was that the connectors were touching the cylindrical bases. Luckily those connectors are not completely vertical as with most headphones. So this is something to think about if you have bigger headphones like the LCD’s or the AudioQuest Nighthawks. The latter does have its connectors pointing completely vertical.

Features and Design

The stands are made out of high-quality wood are in the shape of an Omega sign. Because they’re wood, this also means that every stand is a bit unique. I ordered three of the same color and all three look a bit different from each other. This gives it a very natural and unique look, which I can appreciate.

The cylindrical bases provide enough support and Samdi provides four  small round 3M anti-slip stickers which you can place on the bottom of the bases (two for each base). One side of the base has the word Samdi engraved in it.

The headphone stand comes delivered in a velvet-like bag and is available in two color options; Walnut Wooden and Brich.

Measurements are 6.3 x 4.3 x 10.2 inches and they weigh about 1 pound or 460grams.

samdi headphone stand base
A solid cylindrical base support with anti-slip stickers


These provide excellent value for money and if you like this design, I can highly recommend them. For really big headphones the Samdi stand may not be tall enough at 10″, but for most headphones the fit is perfect. I have three stands on my desk and I really like the elegant look and the fact that they keep my desk nice and clean, which also increases my work productivity since I do most of my writing from my desk.

If there’s something else you want to know about these beautiful stands, just leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to reply!

Our Rating:
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  • Price/Value

4 thoughts on “The Simplistic and Stylish SAMDI Headphone Stand Review”

  1. I can certainly see the importance of having a headphone stand to keep things organized. The biggest thing as you mentioned is to keep the headphones from getting damaged, or destroyed were they have foam for comfort fit.

    At present, I have two sets that each already has their stands. One is in my massage chair, and the other is also the charger for the second wireless set.

    I am thinking about the third set for my computer station, so I’ll look at getting headphones and a stand as I see you also recommend headphones as well.

    1. Hi Travis, if I can assist you with finding answers on questions you might have concerning headphones, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help!

  2. Jurgen, very beautiful headphone stand there. I’ve been meaning to get a nice set of headphone and these stands can come in handy, I mean they look like those at the stores.

    You did mention they are anti-slip but I still want to ask to make sure, is it easy to slip your headphone in this stand without making it fall?

    Thanks in advance!



    1. Hey Anh, it’s very easy to put the headphones on the stand and they sit firmly on it. There’s no risque that they would accidentally fall off. Something that could happen with hook-stands, for example.

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