Indiegogo Tip – Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless Earphones

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Sol Republic Wireless Relays Sport

Indiegogo Tip – Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless Earphones

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a heads up if you’re in the market for an innovative new sports earphone.

Yesterday I discovered that Sol Republic has revealed its new in-ear earphones called Relays Sport Wireless. As the name suggests these have been developed with the active individual in mind. The company places them as the ideal fitness partner. These durable and ultra-lightweight earphones promise “fantastic sound” without having the customer stress over needing to deal with wires when you’re in the middle of a serious training session.

The company points out that it performed a study for over a year to thoroughly recognize exactly what customers truly want from a sports earphone, so it focused on comfort, secure fit, sweat and water resistance along with an extensive battery life on the Relays Sport Wireless. They additionally incorporated features like fast charge and dual audio modes in order to give superior sound both indoors as well as outdoors.

Replays Specs

To ensure the earphones feel basically weightless the company put all of the electronic and battery parts in water-resistant shells that rest naturally on the neck, this is just what makes Relays Sport Wireless amongst the lightest earphones on the market according to Sol Republic, even while it provides over eight hours of battery life on a single charge. Given that it includes fast charging technology simply plugging it in for ten minutes can offer an hour’s worth of power.

Sol Republic’s Relays Sport Wireless in-ear earphones will be offered exclusively via in Black and Mint colors through various perks that begin at $74.

You can support their campaign here, which runs until the 3rd week of November.

Oh, and if anyone of you order these, let me know what you think of them, please. Appreciate it!

18 thoughts on “Indiegogo Tip – Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless Earphones”

  1. It’s funny, for years I’ve dreamed of having wireless headphones. I had no idea it was even a thing! I’m constantly moving around in some shape, form or fashion and the wires ALWAYS got in the way of something. Especially when inanimate objects would jerk the phones right out of the ear. Ouch. And pretty dang frustrating.

  2. I used to use the regular (non-wireless) noise cancelling ones when I worked out and it would be sooo frustrating cuz eventually the water would fry one of the sides. And for some reason it was never both it was always only one bud and then so I’d only have one side working. Eventually I got beats, which I have to say have been kind of dissapointing for me. They had a lot of synching problems with the iphone for a while and then the seams have torn twice on me already! These look way better! The only thing I would worry about is them getting caught in something? I do squats lowbar so I would wanna know if the bar would like squish them onto my back or something? What do you think?

    1. Hi Martina, you make an excellent point. The bar could rest on the wire, which would not be good for the lifespan of the cable, I guess. Instead of wearing the cable behing your head, you could wear it in front. This would eliminate the problem.


  3. Wires on headphones of this size are really REALLY annoying. They are always in the way, get caught on everything. Just frustrating to me. But The design on these are really well thought out. They look very comfortable. And perfect not only for workouts, but for people who are able to wear headphones while they work as well. Thanks for the look at them, and your article.

  4. Great website and review, first time ive heard of this brand… Sol republic, sounds pretty neat. One thing im always really big on and look at for alot of my devices is the battery life, the longer the better and 8 hours is pretty good 🙂 I just got a generic pair and they dont last long obviously. But I have a pair from Panasonic which are good, next up might be Sol Republic. Thanks for the review and introducing the brand to me!

  5. These look like awesome earphones.

    I have been dealing with the wire for so many years and it is always such a pain. But with these I could get a lot more done without having to untangle wires that were in my pocket for a few minutes.

    Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be looking into getting a pair for myself.

  6. Hi, Dave here.
    These headphones look pretty good. Any idea how much the “fantastic sound” actually relates to real life quality? I’m looking for a good pair of headphones to work out with and something wireless would be pretty good since I keep knocking them out of my ears when I run lol. Any other wireless you could recommend?

  7. This product looks great! The page is put together great! Your heading is an awesome picture. It makes you want to buy because you obviously want to be this girl. This product is also awesome, my husband has something similar but his are no way as nice as these. These headphones sound like they are very resilient and sturdy so that you can take them anywhere without being overly careful and having to worry about them. I could see how a lot of people would be able to use these in their everyday life.

  8. Hello there,

    Great post & informative, i am always going to the gym & wearing the cable headphones & sometimes i was not comfortable with it in the movement & other issues, this wireless seems to be a good choice for me to solve that problem the review looks good i like it specially because of it’s light weight, thanks for sharing.


  9. This sounds like exactly the kind of earphones I’ve been looking for. My main exercise is yoga, and it’s sometimes hard to relax and focus on what I’m doing when there are construction and traffic noises right outside!

    I’ve tried traditional earphones to listen to music while doing yoga before, but it all just gets in the way. I like that these ones have so much investigation behind them about what people actually want!

    1. Yeah, they seem great. It’s still a bit of a question mark as how these earphones will really perform, though. Guess we’ll have to wait till the end of this year.

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