The Uber Cool SMS Audio Street 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones

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SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones box

Product: SMS Audio Street 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones
Type: On-Ear Headphones
Connection: Wired
Preferred Use: Portable
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

SMS Audio Street 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones, Overview

The SMS Audio Street 50 Cent Wired Ear Headphones have been around for quite some time. These are compact foldable on-ear headphones targetted to a younger audience, who prefer bass-heavy music genres.  Originally priced around $299, they are now available for an amazing price. Which is reason enough for me to finally check these out in this review.

SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones black
SMS Audio Street Black Edition

Design & Build

The Street by 50 headphones comes in different limited edition colors like red, blue, orange, teal and magenta. But you can also choose for the classic black or white color options.

I have to admit that these headphones look very attractive with their glossy finish and leatherette components.  The padding on the headband uses double stitching and the stitching uses the same color as the headphone, which is a nice touch.  The padding itself isn’t very thick, but sufficiënt.

The leatherette OVALFIT™ earpads are thick enough and contain memory foam to make them feel very comfortable.

Built completely out of plastic doesn’t necessarily mean weak built quality, but I did feel that the part below the metal hinges didn’t boost my confidence in them being very solid. I could be mistaken of course! The plastic headband itself, however, is very flexible and could be twisted without the fear of breaking.

The headphones are foldable and can be stored in the provided case, without taking up too much space. Ideal for traveling!

Taking a closer look at the 3.5mm cable, I immediately notice the absence of volume and full playback controls. You only have a button to play and pause your music, which can also be used to answer phone calls. One positive thing to mention is the L-shaped connector. This prevents pressure on the point between the cable and the connector when your music device is in your pocket.

sms audio street by 50 cent wired on ear headphones colors
SMS Audio Street in blue, purple, white and red


Inspired by 50 cent, the Street by 50 naturally has a good amount of bass, making these an excellent headphone for listening to Hip Hop, EDM and other bass heavy genres. The quality of the bass is actually very good and never gets muddy or overpowering.  Mids and vocals stay perfectly clear. SMS Audio uses 40mm audio drivers that are definitely up to the task of providing great sound.

Instead of using full ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), the Street by 50 uses SMS Audio’s branded PNC (Passive Noise Control). Meaning that these headphones should provide a decent amount of noise isolation without the use of extra electronic components to filter out outside noises.

The passive noise isolation system works pretty well in blocking external noises, but unfortunately they have relatively high sound leakage.  This means that people will hear what music you’re listening to, which can be annoying in some places like on the bus or in a coffee shop.

In the Box

I was very impressed with the effort that SMS Audio has put into the packaging. It gave me the feeling of having a premium product which is nice considering these are not the most inexpensive headphones.

Besides the headphones and the usual product documentation you get a nice storage case and a small microfibre cloth for cleaning purpose. Also in the box is the 3.5mm detachable cord. No spare cable however.

sms audio street by 50 cent wired on ear headphones package
A nice premium box with a good looking storage case, instructions, micro fibre towel and a 3.5mm cable


The SMS Audio Street by 50 is an attractive looking headphone and a great choice when you prefer bass heavy music genres. The OVALFIT™ on-ear pads stay very comfortable over longer periods of time and the headphone is light enough to wear for several hours without being annoying.

Some question marks remain as far as built quality since I’m not sure the hinges can take a lot of abuse. And the absence of full inline controls can be annoying to some. Besides these points, I still think they’re highly recommendable and certainly worth checking out. Especially knowing that these came out a few years ago at a retail price of $200, today they’re a great bargain option!

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Our Rating:
  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort & Design
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Leakage
  • Noise Isolation
  • Price/Value


Great lifestyle headphones now available to a broader public thanks to the amazing reduction in price!

22 thoughts on “The Uber Cool SMS Audio Street 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones”

  1. I’ve never heard of these headphones before! I imagine they’re in competition with Dr. Dre’s Beats. Are they similar to these headphones? Also the ear pads kinda look small? Do they fit around the ears or do they sit on the ears? This is important for me as I normally prefer headphones that fit around my ears – as I have kinda big ears! haha

    1. They’re similar to Beats except in price 😉 But they still have the cool factor. Also these are On-Ear, but they are quite comfortable.

  2. Jurgen,

    At first I thought it was $0.50 headphones but then realized right away you were talking about the product from the rapper 50 cent. hahaha, but they do seem to be of good quality from your review. The price definitely beats the hell out of Beats by Dre. Those are purely high priced cuz of the brand name.

  3. Hi, Jurgen. Thanks for the timely review. My nephews birthday is coming up and I haven’t been able to decide what to give him. After your informative review I think that I will get him a pair of SMS Audio Street 50 headphones.

    Does the case have a strap or cord that you can use to attach it to your belt to carry it with you? Otherwise you’d need to carry them in a bag.

    Thanks again for the tip and review.

    1. You’re welcome Melinda, I’m sure your son will love them! Unfortunately the case does not have a strap, so you need to put them into a bag.

  4. Hi Jurgen, nice review on Audio Street 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones.

    Currently, the headphone I am using is not properly padded so it is a bit uncomfortable for me to use for a long time. Can you tell me about the padding on 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones.

    I have checked the link you have provided and it seems great colour options available at an affordable price. Also a good customer reviews for the product shows that it is trustworthy.

  5. Syed Suhail Ahmed

    These are certainly some amazing looking headphones!
    I have to say that the white color looks the best out of the other colors, in my opinion. Very classy!

    I’ve had headphones before and they keep having this problem of sound not coming in one of the sides.
    When they get old, both sides don’t give out sound..only one of them does!

    Is there any way I could prevent that?
    Also, 50cent is one of my favorite rappers and I’ve had beats by Dre in the past too!

    Thank you so much,

    1. Most of the time it could be an issue with the cable connection. Is the cable detachable? Try to clean the contacts. Check out my cleaning guide.

      Let me know if that doesn’t work. We’ll look further.

  6. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Jurgen,

    Now those and funky and great looking headphones. You mention that these headphones are for a mobile phone which is good, but where is the microphone?

    Also can you explain the main differences between Passive noise control and noise cancelling? and in your opinion which is best for headphones.

    1. Hi Derek, the microphone is actually built in the cable.

      Passive or Active, the minimum requirement is to have a closed headphone.

      Passive noise isolation means that the headphones does not use extra electrical powered components to block out outside noises. This is achieved by getting a good seal around your ears. A lot depends on the quality of the earpads.

      Active Noise Cancellation means that the headphones uses active components to filter out outside noises. For example, the engine sounds of an airplane. The headphones has multiple small microphones to pick up these sounds and the hardware then generates a counter sound, which actually cancels out the engine sounds.

      Most of the time a good passive isolation is all that’s needed, but if you’re a frequent flyer I suggest you look at some good ANC headphones.

      Please check out my articles in the Academy section of my site if you want to learn more.


  7. Very cool site with a lot of interesting info. I remember my first pair of headphones in the 80’s, they were actually an am/fm radio all in one. Over the years I have had many pairs. My sons both have a pair of Skull, they seem pretty cool but one pair broke shortly after he got it. I like my wireless Backbeat for the gym but they don’t work outside. Can you recommend a wireless pair that will work outside?

  8. Jurgen,

    Thanks for the great review on these 50 Cent headphones! Looks like an all-around decent product at a (now) decent price for what you are getting. Do you know if a similar set comes in a bluetooth model? I find nowadays that I am spoiled with not having a leash attaching my head to my music device. lol Also, I assume that the one-button piece also has a built-in microphone? Thanks again for the quality review!

    1. Hi Mike, there is a Bluetooth version called the SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones. I’ve not tried it, but it gets a lot of positive feedback on Amazon. Of course the price is significantly higher too…

      Yes, the cable has a built-in micro, so you can easily use the headphones for making phone calls.

  9. Hi Jurgen,
    I was wondering what the point is of having a detachable cable. Is there any wireless functionality?
    They sound great for the price but I worry about the sound leakage a little. I would like to buy a set of decent headphones for my son but I don’t want to hear what he is listening to!
    They do sound pretty decent for the price however. And I especially like how compact they are once folded. And great colours too!
    Thanks for a comprehensive review, Kris

    1. Hi Kris,

      I always prefer a detachable cable. It has a few advantages.

      1) cable is replaceable
      2) cable detaches instead of the whole headphone falling of your head when you get stuck with the cable or you get up from your desk without removing your headphones first.

      The leak quite the sound yeah, so if your son is listening in the same room you are, it may not be the best choice.


  10. Hello!
    I’ve been wanting to buy some high quality head phones for quite some time now. Just never found the time to do so. But now, after reading your awesome review, I’ve decided to order SMS Audio Street 50 Cent Wired On Ear Headphones. They seem pretty cool to me. Thanks!

  11. Wow, it’s great that I stumbled on this site because I am in need of some new headphones! I was going to go for the beats by dre but a lot of people have told me that they are overpriced and I could get better quality elsewhere and after reading this this audio street by 50 review, I think this is a perfect fit for me in terms of value and price.

    1. You’re absolutely right! Especially with the discounted price at the moment, I believe they are the better choice against Beats.

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