Review: The Sporty Phillips Rich Bass Neckband

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Phillips Rich Bass Neckband HeadphonesProduct: Phillips Rich Bass Neckband
Type: Open Supra-Aural
Connection: Wired
Preferred Use: Portable
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Phillips Rich Bass Neckband Headphone, Overview

Once a leader in the industry Phillips is largely playing catch up to the many brands that have since taken over their title.

While the Phillips Rich Bass Neckband isn’t new to their line-up, it’s one of their better efforts. One that has been a little under-appreciated and perhaps should be getting more of a spotlight than it is currently.

Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headphones SHS5200/28 (Replaces SHS5200)

  • Big bass
  • Overall sound
  • Very comfortable
  • Cool design

  • Thin & flimsy feel
  • A bit thin sounding at times


The Rich Bass Neckband design is self-explanatory, the headband is designed in a style similar to that of neck-collar wireless headphones, except this one has a cable. So basically you wear the headphone on the upper part of your neck, almost horizontal to your ears.

The style is pretty comfortable as is the headband itself, although my one criticism would be it seems a little thin and flimsy, especially because the headband is made from plastic material. Same goes for the earcups to be honest.

On the plus side, the headphones are pretty trendy and manage to retain a certain degree of class at the same time. The mix of red and black was well-thought-out and complements the set really well.

Going back to the earcups, they are padded with an ergonomic foam material that takes on the shape of your ears excellently so they are very comfortable to wear for hours on end.

A pull relief system is featured on the freakishly long braided cable (it’s probably the strongest part of the set) by means of a plastic cable attached to the cable to keep the cable from tearing out because of constant pulling and tugging. The device is clever and limits the risk of breaking the connection between cable and earcup.

In another innovative feature, the entire neckband is reflective for safety in the dark, especially for those who’d like to use these even when exercising. Yep, you can absolutely wear it for exercise, the earcups have a small space where your ears go in and stay secure so you can prance about safely without risk of them budging an inch.


Again as the name suggests, these are bass focused headphones. The bass is exaggerated even further by the three ducts that allow airflow within the earcups making the bass sound richer and fuller.

The mids and highs are quite good, again made to sound better by the airflow from the ducts. Same ducts give these headphones an open-backed feel to them (yes, people can absolutely hear your music) resulting in a soundstage that’s more than par for the course for headphones in this price range.

That said the sound isn’t absolutely perfect with some audible distortion coming in at high volumes. The mids also tend to sound a little thin over time. To be fair for this price that’s just about normal for most headphones bar a few.

The speaker is clear meaning you won’t have any complaints from anyone you speak to using these headphones. The one disadvantage, of course, is that people in proximity can hear your conversation if your volume is loud.


These aren’t premium headphones by any means, the all plastic housing tell you that. Add to that how thin the headband is and you’d be forgiven for thinking there might be some durability issues in the long run.

I certainly do. However, at this price point, it’s safe to say that applies for most headphones.

Great comfort and better than expected sound are the saving graces of these headphones.

That they can be used for exercise is another bonus that should have a few people looking twice.


Any questions about the Phillips Rich Bass Neckband, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Our Rating:
  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort & Design
  • Build Quality
  • Price/Value


The Phillips Rich Bass Neckband is a Sporty headphone that packs some Big Bass in a lightweight package.

6 thoughts on “Review: The Sporty Phillips Rich Bass Neckband”

  1. Great review! Philips used to be my favorite headphone company. I had a headphone with amazing sound but I broke them. The sound and design of these looks on point these would be perfect for working out in the gym however the chords always get in the way or tangled up, can you suggest ones like this but Bluetooth?

  2. I love a good set of headphones. I like ones that feel as if I’m not wearing any, so the lighter they are the better. Oh, and they must be wireless. Can you suggest which pair would fit my brief? Love the website by the way, and great information and great reviews. I am not fussed on colour, but comfort is big for me.

  3. Hi, I just discovered this site and I have to say I really like it. It provides good info for headphones, the site has a nice design, it’s also organized well and I think is presentable. My question is, out of all the headphones you have used, which would you say is your favorite in general?

    1. Aha, that’s a tricky one Arie 😉 For some reason, the one I keep getting to the most is my trusty Sennheiser HD650 , but frankly I just keep rotating. I love it, because they all have their own specific sound. For example, at the moment I’m using the HD598 when I’m not reviewing.  Cheers!

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