Mixcder Basso Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Mixcder Basso


For the last two weeks, I have actually been checking out a brand-new pair of sweat-proof Bluetooth earphones called Mixcder Basso and I wanted to give my impressions on these flashy looking earphones. Mixcder is not a popular business yet, however their items are absolutely quite fascinating so make sure you read my opinion on the Basso Bluetooth earphones as my conclusion might please you. 🙂


The color design of these earphones is made up of two colors, black and green. It’s kinda flashy or fluorescent green, so you either love it or hate it. Although  Mixcder is a small company, the build quality is pretty excellent.

To be straightforward, the Mixcder Basso are not truly my taste of design, however it’s likewise worth pointing out that these earphones were created to be useful above all else. These Bluetooth earphones are extremely beneficial throughout any sort of physical workout where regular earphones tend to fall out of your ears. On a positive note, the Mixcder Basso are pretty comfy and simple to set up.

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Much like the majority of other Bluetooth earphones, the Basso can be combined with very much any type of mobile gadget. You will not require downloading an app or anything expensive like that. Simply turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile gadget and wait up until it discovers the earphones. All the buttons work even when listening to music from Youtube or in other places on the web so you do not always require to have any music on your phone in order to make excellent use of these Bluetooth earphones and they can likewise be utilized for hands-free calling if required.

Audio Quality and Battery Life

All by all, the terrific audio quality is perhaps the primary selling point of the Mixcder Basso. They sound a little bit bass heavy, but overall it’s not boomy whatsoever. Needless to state, the earphones are generally linked to your phone so the volume can just go as high as the phone can take it, however if you like it loud you’ll most likely not be dissatisfied. The charge time of 2 hours appears a bit much for 5 hours worth of battery life if you ask me.

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Price and Conclusion

The Mixcder Basso is available on Amazon for about $30. I think that’s a great price considering that these are quite strong and do not appear like they would quickly break under regular situations. Mixcder still has to work a bit on better battery life and on their design options, however the audio quality is excellent for $30 earphones as well as the capabilities of these earphones. All being said, the Mixcder Bassa is an excellent effort both quality and price wise.

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