How To Clean A Headphone Jack

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That’s one nasty headphone jack!

Because I’m a bit neurotic when it comes to my headphones and equipment I’ve got people asking me all the time how to clean a headphone jack.

That’s why I wrote this quick and easy to follow guide as I’m sure a lot of other people can benefit from it.

I believe that if you want to hear the best possible sound out of your equipment, you need to keep everything clean. That’s the basics, right? The problem is, when you have multiple headphones, the headphone connector collects dust from laying around. When you plug in this connector, it will leave dust in the headphone jack. So when it comes to the headphone jack of my JDS Labs Objective 2 amp, I clean it once a week to make sure no dust particles can influence the sound signature. Oh and I also clean the connectors of all my most used headphones.


Q-tips and rubbing alcohol

Okay, so what is the best way to clean those small 3.5mm jacks?  Simple. You use a Q-tip. That’s right. Don’t use them to clean out your ears. Use them to clean hard to reach electrical components, like a 3.5mm headphone jack. Whether it is on your smartphone, iPad, iPhone, laptop or amp. It’s all the same. These little things are brilliant!

Who is this for

  • People who work/play/listen in dusty surroundings.
  • People who have their equipment for more than a year and never cleaned it.
  • If you sometimes experience music dropouts or you sometimes need to tweak the cable a bit to make it work.
  • If you are neurotic like me 😉


  • Q-tips!
  • Rubbing alcohol (70% or higher)
  • A thin microfiber cloth


  1. Switch off the device before you do anything! Make sure it has no power.
  2. You need to pull off most of the cotton from the Q-tip because it will be too big. For a 6.3mm jack, however, you don’t have to do this.
  3. Dip the Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol. Do NOT soak it! If you soaked it, then squeeze it a bit.
  4. Carefully put the Q-tip in the 3.5mm jack and rotate gently. Don’t forget the headphone jacks if you have removable cables!
  5. Pull out the Q-tip
  6. Use a new dry Q-tip (pull most of the cotton off) and insert it gently in the jack. This will absorb any moisture that was left behind.
  7. Do a little alcohol on the microfiber cloth to clean the headphone connector
  8. Dry off with a dry part of the thin microfiber cloth.
  9. Just to make sure let everything dry for a few minutes

That’s it. You’re done! Good as new!  Now enjoy your music 😉

All shiny and new!

All shiny and new!


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