Glow Laser Headphones – The World’s First Headphones With Lasers

Glow headpones

This is gonna get you a lot of attention!


The world’s first headphones with lasers… Say what?! That’s right, you read it correctly. Since January, there’s this Kickstarter campaign that promises you a laser-illuminated headphone. To be more precise, it’s the cable that’s illuminated. If you think that’s a strange concept, you’re not alone…

Initially, they went for $100.000 in 45 days, but they’ve collected over $500.000! Good enough for me to have a closer look.

Who Are They?

Glow, LLC is a San Francisco-based company that, according to their site, exists out of seven people. There’s very little more info on the site. From what I can see they exist out three engineers, two designers, one person doing logistics and one PR person. It seems that this is their first project.


The Glow Team

The Product

Before they introduced their product on Kickstarter they were already working on the product since March 2014, according to their roadmap. In that time, they’ve completed the Design and Development phase.

Besides a glowing cable, they also want to provide excellent sound quality and, therefore, choose in-ears instead of low-quality earbuds. They appear to be using Knowles dual balanced armature drivers, which should be on par with a pair of Shure SE215 in-ears. Now the Shure SE215 is a very decent in-ear, which as of today costs around $100. Of course, it doesn’t have a glowing cable. 😉

I would have preferred that they went for a full-size headphone, but I guess their focus is more on the use of headphones during sports activities. Which makes sense since, according to their FAQ, some of the team members have participated in marathons and even the Ironman in Hawai!


The Cable

This is the gimmick of course!  By using laser technology, the cable will light up and pulsate to your favorite music.  You can control the laser intensity, using the Android or IOS app. This is very neat because it appears they are using some kind of fiber optic cable that is extremely flexible, from a company called Corning.


Look! It pulses to your music!

Besides the cool pulsing light features, there’s also a 5-way controller attached to the cable that enables you to control your music. But wait! That’s not all it is designed to do.  Listen to this. You can use it to make phone calls, activate Google Now or Siri, take some quick pictures and it even lets you listen and respond to text messages… Pretty sweet huh!


The 5-way controller attached to the cable.

Check out the video below to see the controller in action when responding to text messages.

What’s The Release Date?

According to their roadmap they were expecting to ship in July 2015, but it seems that there is a delay in the process.

This is a comment taken today from Glow on their Kickstarter website:


Wrap It Up

I’m pretty excited for the world’s first smart headphones with laser light.  I think it’s pretty cool that there are innovative people out there trying to do things differently. And who knows where it stops.  I for one wish them the very best in pulling this off. And I will be keeping a very close eye on any further developments.

If you want to know more on these Glow headphones, check out the official Kickstarter page.

So what’s your thoughts on this?  Let me know in the comments below.


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