Review: The Splendid Decoka DK100 Active Noise Cancelling Earphone

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Decoka DK100

Product: Decoka DK100
Type: ANC Earphones
Connection: Wired
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Warranty: 18 Months Extended Warranty
Our Rating: (90%)

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Decoka DK100, Overview

Disclaimer: The Decoka DK100 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for a review.

Not too long ago if you mentioned Active Noise Cancelling headphones, chances are you were referring to a Bose product. Not so anymore, as more and more manufacturers are joining the race and innovation has never been higher in the ANC niche.

Linner, an audio company that specializes in producing affordable ANC earphones, is one of the latest manufacturers to join in the fun, producing a cheap yet classy looking set of headphones simply named the Decoka DK100.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good Active Noise Cancelling
  • "Awareness" mode works great
  • Very comfortable
  • Battery life
  • Ease of use of the control unit
  • 18 months extended warranty


  • At this price, nothing

Design and Fit

The first thing I noticed about the Decoka DK100 is the design of the Noise Cancelling control box.

Where most manufacturers go with some variation of a rectangle, Linner opted for a circular design. The result is an interesting look for the NC headphone, one that we haven’t seen so much of yet. While it’s not exactly ground-breakingly daring, it’s different and will probably attract some fans based on that alone.

That said, the circular design doesn’t quite change the problem that comes with most ANC headphones because the control box is still, well there, intruding on an otherwise simple, yet stylish design.

The good news is it’s really close to the headphone jack and because of the flat round design, you can easily slip it into your pocket with your device.

Another advantage to the positioning of the control unit on the lower part of the cable is that it doesn’t add weight on the upper part of the cable, which prevents it from pulling on the earbuds itself.

Volume Controls on Decoka DK100
An in-line remote with mic and volume controls

Moving on, the black color chosen by Linner adds a little gloss to the headphone and should be appreciated by many, I certainly did.

The eartips used are silicone and come in three sizes so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the right fit and with it, a proper seal.

Speaking of, the headphone comes with ear hooks as well (three sets to be precise), so you never have to worry about them falling out your ears and they add just that little bit of extra tightness to the seal.

Between the eartips, ear hooks and the light plastic materials used to build it, the DK100 is very comfortable with no obvious flaws in that department.

Decoka DK100 Awareness Mode Button
"Awareness" mode is activated by pushing this button

Moving on to controls, the DK100 houses all the necessary ones in all the right places. An in-line remote houses the mic and the buttons controlling volume, audio play/pause, and incoming calls.

The ANC power on/off button is housed on the rounded control box and a monitor button on the other side of the same box.

Also on the control unit is the micro USB connection that’s used for recharging the unit. A cable is included in the package.

All the necessary accessories to get you going


One of the biggest reasons I was so eager to test these earbuds is Linner’s claim that they cancel out 97% of ambient noise. To settle that for you as early as possible, they don’t.

As hard as it is to measure that claim in the first place, I think it’s safe to say after testing them they aren’t quite Bose standard in terms of ANC and even they don’t cancel 97% of ambient noise.

Slight exaggeration aside, the ANC is actually quite good, even putting aside the price; I have to say I was impressed. The quality of ANC wouldn’t be out of place in an earphone three, even four times the price of the DK100.

The ANC is easily able to cancel out the normal office chatter should you wish to shut yourself out. Noise from the subway, cars, buses and planes are impressively shut out with only the loudest managing to filter through and even then in a muted unobtrusive manner.

The monitor button mentioned above is a very handy feature (one that I’ve come to like a lot), for example, when you quickly want to react when someone is talking to you. It simultaneously turns off the ANC and lowers the volume. Once that conversation ends, you can dive right back into your heaven of solitude by pushing the button again.

Box with instructions on using the Decoka DK100
Not to fancy with the packaging, but it gets the job done, practical instructions chart included

In terms of sound, the DK100 features a balanced sound profile, with all three major frequencies fully represented.

Bass is full and responsive and manages to fully engage the listener, the mids and highs are tight and stable, aligning with the bass perfectly.

Another thing I want to mention is that besides a small lowering in sound volume, there was no noticeable degradation in sound quality with ANC turned off. Meaning that even when the battery dies, you can still enjoy these babies without the ANC.

Speaking of the battery, it’s lithium rechargeable and it gets to a full charge in about 2 hours.

According to the manufacturer, a full charge gets you 20 hours of playback with the ANC turned on. Of course, this all depends on the chosen volume level, but I’m happy to report that this number is quite accurate.

Decoka DK100 ANC Switch and Micro USB Charge Port
The Active Noise Cancelling switch and a micro USB charging port


While Linner may be a little-known brand, the brilliance of their product cannot be ignored.

And yes it’s true that they haven’t reinvented the wheel with the DK100’s but what they have done is put together an earphone that is more than functional at a price where most would expect the bare minimum.

Using the DK100 will give you the feeling that Linner didn’t cheap out on anything, from the ANC to the materials used to make the housing, which, while plastic, doesn’t feel like they would spontaneously self-destruct like most headphones you’ll find at this price point.

As a bonus, because of the ear hooks, you can easily use these earphones while exercising without any hassle. Just don’t turn the Active Noise Cancelling on if you’ll be exercising around traffic.

All things considered, this would be a pretty good investment for anyone wanting a pair of ANC headphones without forking out premium Noise Cancelling headphone cash.

Please feel free to ask any questions about these little gems in the comments below!

Our Rating:


If you’re looking for a premium like Active Noise Cancelling earphone without spending premium cash, the Decoka DK100 is an astonishing package!

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort & Design
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Leakage
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Price/Value

9 thoughts on “Review: The Splendid Decoka DK100 Active Noise Cancelling Earphone”

  1. Great price for the feature these headphones offer. I guess active noise canceling technology is getting more and more followers. 20 hours of playback is quite a lot and for that price is truly amazing. I like the fact that that you can change the ear tips because I don’t really like in-ear tips. Great product!

  2. Thanks for the in depth review of the Decoka’s DK100 Headphones. I really like the price. I was happy to hear that they are good at cancelling out ambient noise, that is an important feature to me. The fact that is gets 20 hours on a full charge is good news as well. I’ve never heard of the company before, but it certainly seems to be a great buy!

  3. Those are some sleek looking earphones. Much cheaper than I had expected too. I have a pair of AKG 280 HD Pro’s which have a suction cup feeling around your ears…so comfy and it cancels out a good deal of noise. They are studio headphones though. I’ve never quite experienced true noise cancellation so it’d be interesting to give this a shot.

  4. Looks like a good set. The ear hooks look kinda nice. I would like to try them out thought before I invest in a pair.

    I got a question though: how do you know which pair to buy if you’re new to the market of noise cancelling headphones. Would you recommend this set as a beginning pair?



    1. The combination of low cost and decent ANC make these an excellent choice for someone who would like to know what all the fuzz is about.

      The first time I put on an ANC headphone I was completely amazed. In our society there’s always some kind of background noise surrounding us. Suddenly it went so quiet. It muted voices, the sound of the dishwasher and tv… So even if you’re not a frequent flyer, ANC headphones are great to have, even at home.

  5. Those look really cool. I think the importance and value of a good noise cancelling headphone is honestly understated. I remember back in college, I had loud roommates who didn’t know when enough was enough basically. So I went out and got myself some really high quality noise cancelling headphones. Boom, you know what happened? I finally was able to sleep in peace haha. But these look awesome, I’ll definitely have to go take a look at them.

  6. I went to Africa this Summer and the return flight was filled with crying babies. It was quite the hassle. These headphones would have been perfect for me. I will be sure to get them the next time I fly. No one wants ruptured ear drums.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  7. Thank you for the review on these headphones. I have been looking to upgrade the headphones that I have and the feature that sounds great to me is the ANC feature. With my current headphones, I would only put one earbud in one ear so that I would be able to “let in the outside world” because I always need to be observant of my surroundings. So I’m going to give these a try for sure, can’t wait.

    1. Hey Alex, if you need to be observant of your surroundings, be sure to switch the ANC off or take advantage of the monitor button to quickly adapt when you need to.

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