Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II Review

Bose SoundTrue around-ear II

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Bose SoundTrue around-ear II Review

For the last few weeks, I’ve checked out the brand-new Bose SoundTrue around-ear II headphones.

Bose is among the leading names in premium audio devices. However, I see a lot of folks getting a pair of Beats or Skullcandy headphones nowadays. They are normally more affordable and known for their fashionable and active designs. With the SoundTrue variety, Bose is clearly trying to get a piece of the pie.


The very first thing that will strike you when you pick up a pair is how light-weight these headphones are. Mind you, lightweight doesn’t mean cheap feeling. It still feels premium which is what you expect from Bose.

The black pair that I checked out looked fantastic and you also have a blue color option. From the pictures, that one too looks really stylish. Unlike other Bose headphones, the SoundTrue AEII looks to be more targetted at a younger urban public.

However, unlike its predecessor, the SoundTrue AEII is only available in these two colors. Seems a bit strange because the first Soundtrue AE is available in four different colors. Maybe more colors will become available in the future, who knows…

Bose-SoundTrue®-around-ear-headphones-III 75

The headphones include a removable cable that consists of an inline remote to manage the music playback on your phone. There’s likewise an incorporated microphone for taking calls.

Be careful when you buy this headphone, that you choose the correct one specific for your phone. Android or IOS. Although you can buy a separate cable for $29,95. Pretty steep price if you ask me. Especially because a lot of the competition provides multiple cables free of charge.  Why Bose didn’t provide two cables is a mystery to me…

The headband feels very comfortable and the cushions on the earcups are made from pleather, which in my opinion feel very soft and comfy. I can honestly say that the combination of lightweight and the super comfy headband/earcups makes this one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear.

Although these are not active noise cancelling, the cushions are also good at keeping ambient sound out to a certain degree. I tested these out while on a bus and I could really enjoy my music without the need to really turn up the volume.

For optimum storage, the cups fold flat and the headband can also be folded.


The bass response is excellent and the sound is distinct and crisp on high volumes. However, I’m not an expert audiophile, but I noticed that the mids sounded a little muddled. Also, I did have an issue with the vocals. Depending on the song it is possible that the vocals are not clear and seem to become overpowered by the rest of the music.

bose soundtrue around ear 2

Not really recommended for music where vocals play an important part.  But I also had this issue when watching movies.  More than often I needed to turn on the subtitles just so I could follow the dialogue.

On a positive note, I really enjoyed listening to EDM. The great bass response really gives this kind of music the necessary kick it needs. Also, I never got hearing fatigue even after listening for several hours.

Extras & Prices

Extras are sparse and only consist of a thin manual and a soft travel case in the same color as the headphones. However, the case looks fairly good and is a cool addition.

Both the IOS as the Android version prices and availability can be checked on Amazon.

A sign of commitment from Bose to support these headphones for a long time to come is the possibility to buy spare parts directly from the Bose website. The following can be ordered:

  • Ear cushion kit
  • Inline remote & microphone cable for IOS devices (no Android spares??)
  • Carry case
  • 20-inch standard headphone cable.


To Wrap Things Up

There’s a lot to like about the SoundTrue around-ear II headphones. It’s a stylish and amazingly comfortable headphone and it sounds pretty nice, especially with EDM.  So if you’re into that, be sure to check these out! Still disappointed they didn’t provide a cable for both IOS and Android devices though…


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