Review – The Fun & Bassy Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm

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Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm packageProduct: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm
 Closed Circumaural Headphones
Connection: Wired
Preferred Use: Home/Studio/Stage
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
Our Rating: (88%)

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm, Overview

Beyerdynamic has been making headphones since the 1930s and has gained a reputation as one of the best and most trusted audio companies in the world.

In fact, this German company is so widely respected that their DT 770 Pro 80 ohm studio headphones have seen and survived the birth of worldwide phenomena such as Twitter, Instagram, the iPhone (or any smartphone), or even Kim Kardashian’s career…

These DT 770’s however haven’t just been in production for over 12 years, they’ve been one of the most popular pieces of studio equipment over that time frame too, with good reason. Read on and find out in my Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro review why they rate so highly in this industry.

Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm on Samdi Headphone Stand
Putting the DT 770 Pro up on a stand.

  • Great isolation
  • Uber comfortable velour pads
  • Tight & punchy bass without becoming muddy
  • Rugged build quality & lightweight
  • Fun with popular music (pop, rock, EDM,…)
  • Good soundstage for a closed headphone
  • A real workhorse for music professionals
  • Non-fatiguing
  • 2-year warranty!

  • Artificial highs with some sibilance
  • Midrange a bit too laid back
  • Not for neutral mixing/recording/listening
  • That cable, seriously
  • Maybe a bit bulky to some

Design and Comfort

The DT 770 Pro’s are circumaural in design, meaning the “cans” actually cover your whole ear instead of resting on them (no shallow earcup syndrome here).

The velour covered ear-pads are so soft they actually feel like pillows and the headband is soft padded, enhancing the feeling of comfort that comes with these headphones.  Add the fact that the clamping force is just perfect (no death-grip here) and you’ve got a headphone that feels much lighter than their weight of 270g would suggest. Excellent job!

The comfort level of these headphones is actually the first clue that they are indeed made with music professionals in mind, if only because I realized that while using them I didn’t suffer from listener-fatigue, something which I’m sure singers, and sound engineers (in all their various forms) over the world over have to be constantly on the lookout for.

Whether you’re using your headphones in the studio, on the go, in the office, I imagine comfort is as big a deal for you as it is for me. I place a lot of emphasis on that particular quality and I must say they deliver massively in that regard.

One of the few annoying things I found with these headphones has to do with the cord. At 3 meters it’s one of the longest cords I have ever seen on a set of headphones, and for me it’s just too long. Especially because it’s non-detachable. So no option in replacing it with a smaller cord, unless you wanna show off some DIY skills.  So don’t even think about walking around the streets with these things on.

Although I guess if you were in a studio and had to move around without wanting to take your headphones off every time you’d appreciate it, or on stage for that matter.

The plug in adapter is 3.5mm with a screw on 1/4in adapter compatible with most amplifiers in the game.

Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm 3m straight cable
A heavy-duty non-replaceable cable that, with its 3m, looks to be a tad too long to be convenient.

Build Quality

At the risk of sounding like a major fanboy, these headphones are quite clearly designed to last for years at the very least.

The rugged steel headband, hinges, speakers all give me the impression it would take a lot to break them. At the same time, they are easily removable and hence replaceable if need be. The 3m cable is also clearly designed to hold up to extreme levels of abuse, it is very thick and the strain reliefs at both ends are really strong as well.

The downside of all these built-to-last features is that the headphones are extra bulky as a result, and they don’t fold up for travel either, more on that later though.

Sound Quality

These Beyers are the bass head’s dream cans, full stop. I almost feel I should end there on the bass quality because I don’t think explaining would do them justice, however, I will try.

Tight, controlled, much like a tiger ready to spring at any moment, that’s the sense you get when listening to the less bass-heavy genres of music leaving you with the feeling that if you let it rip with some rock, hip hop, pop, etc, you will witness a beast in action (well at least hear one in action). They do not disappoint, the bass is rich, firm and heavy, to say I was impressed is an understatement.

While the bass left me nodding my head to the beat, unfortunately, the mid-range wasn’t in the same league. They feel a bit recessed and this is noticeable particularly with female vocals. However, it’s not necessary a bad thing in this case. It seems that Beyer has opted for a more bass oriented pair of cans with the 80-ohm version, leaving the mid-range a bit in the background. Which makes it a very fun sounding headphone.

While the highs aren’t bad, there are points where they sounded slightly enhanced and artificial, something some people actually like, I’m just not one of them. Also, I did notice some sibilance in the upper ranges.

Side shot of the DT 770 Pro
A rugged build quality guarantees, the DT 770 Pro will not easily break down on you.

An unexpected surprise which comes with the Beyers is a pleasant one, namely a great soundstage. They have some of the best soundstage I have ever heard in a closed back headphone and it enhanced the sound quality in ways that cannot be underestimated and added an immersive experience to my lone listening sessions.

Although these aren’t noise cancelling headphones they do provide a pretty good degree of isolation, you won’t be able to hear much outside noise unless it’s really loud. Combined that with almost no sound leakage and you’ve got a winner for office and living room use here.

Overall the sound quality is pretty good and will define your music in such a way that you will begin to identify poor quality tracks (be it low bitrates, sub-standard production). Be prepared to delete some of your favourite tracks as a result, especially those from bad sources.

Does it Need an Amplifier?

First things first, the impedance (defined as the headphones’ opposition to A.C. current) of these headphones is as stated in the name, 80 ohms.

Typically most portable players (cellphone, mp3 player, laptop, iPod etc) have enough juice to power these headphones, although some might not. The good thing is almost any portable amplifier will significantly improve the sound quality if you happen to need one (seriously, even the cheap FiiO A1 will do quite well here). If you’re looking for a bit extra, it might be worth to check out my recent post on 6 stellar value DAC/amp combos.

Velour pads on Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm
Bonus points for comfort with these amazing velour earpads!


The DT 770 Pro 80 ohms were made with music professionals in mind, for use either in a studio or on-stage and for those purposes they should deliver exceptionally well.

Again the main reason these are so suitable for the job is their comfort level. You can literally wear these for hours without feeling any fatigue whatsoever, which is essential for professionals whose daily job exists out of wearing headphones.

My main gripe with them is something I mentioned a little bit earlier in the review and it’s that they are bulky. There’s no getting around that fact. And to be frank with you, some of the times I used them outdoors I felt a tiny bit silly. Add that ridiculously long cable to the mix and I think it’s safe to say that these aren’t the best headphones to use on the go.

Good thing they’re great for use at home or the workplace though for those of us who aren’t in the music business.

Sideview of Beyer DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm
Don’t expect fancy delicate materials. The DT 770 Pro is a no-nonsense workhorse.


It’s fair to say that at their price range (they’re a lot cheaper these days than their MSRP of $299.99!) these Beyers are absolutely worth their money… for the right audience.

The sound quality is of these headphones is great and fun, especially on the lower frequency sounds where they deliver the biggest impact. They made me want to experience every single one of my favourite songs anew on them. Also if you’ve never really experienced using headphones with awesome soundstage, these headphones will forever change the way you view closed back headphones.

Comfort is a big deal for me and the velour pads used here are ingenious, they provide some of the best comfort levels you will ever find in headphones and were it not for the bulky nature of the headphones themselves, you could probably sleep in them.

The fact that they’re made for studio and stage applications is the biggest let down if you’re looking to use them for everyday purposes as they will most likely be consigned to your house or desk at work (read; annoying long non-detachable cable).

See what others have to say about the DT 770 Pro 80 ohm

Let me know if you have any questions about this headphone in the comments below!

Our Rating:
  • Sound Quality - 8/10
  • Comfort & Design - 9/10
  • Build Quality - 9.5/10
  • Sound Leakage - 9/10
  • Noise Isolation - 9/10
  • Price/Value - 8/10


Super comfy, built to last and a tight bass. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm is one helluva bass can!

12 thoughts on “Review – The Fun & Bassy Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm”

  1. Oh I definitely want to get a pair of these Beyerdynamic headphones, I’m putting serious thought into it after reading your review.

    I love that the bass sound quality and build quality is pretty much unrivalled in the industry, as i love bass music, definitely a basshead lol,
    but i also do a lot of moving around in my lines of work, so i need a sturdy build for the moment of inevitable dropping which comes with every piece of new tech at somepoint as im rushing around lol.

    Thanks for helping me to make a decision with your recommendation, i will likely be back 🙂

  2. Jurgen, thanks for going through these. My 42-year-old Yamaha headphones are on their last legs (they were, and still are a thing of beauty) and I’m casting about for some good phones. These sound perfect for what I’d use them for. I like that you liked the bass, not so much that the mid-range got a little lost. Maybe trying them out on some older recordings – something a little under-produced by today’s standards – would give them some definition? I actually like the idea of the 3m cable. It might get in the way for walking around outside with the headphones on, but in the studio, or mixing sound (like I might do if I don’t want to use the monitors) it’s a nice length to get up and walk around in a room – stretch your legs in the middle of a long session. The velour earpads are okay? Not sweaty? These look like terrific headphones for the price.

    1. Hey Larry, The problem is that most of todays recordings are a bit over-produced, although I do notice improvements in the last few years. With older recordings that in fact are well produced the DT 770 Pro will not make a real improvement. The DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm is, in my view, more suited for modern music than it is for older stuff.

      The velour pads are some of the best I’ve ever seen, especially in this price range.


  3. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Beyerdynamic headphone. Actually it’s the first time that I’ve heard about them. But Germans are top notch when it comes to engineering and quality.

    Looks like it’s a pretty decent headphone. One time I had the chance to use a Behringer headphone and it was AWESOME. Can you compare Beyerynamic to Behringer?? Which one would be better?? Of course they have a wide range of quality products but at least on an equal level I would like to see what you think about them.

    1. Behringer are quite the familiar name when it comes to all kinds of audio dj/studio material, however I’ve yet to try out a Behringer headphone, so I can’t really make any comparison. One thing that strikes me is that their headphones are priced pretty cheap, but they do seem to get great user reviews.

      I will look into it and see if I can get my hands on one to try out. Thanks for the input.


  4. First off let me say, wow, I’ve never seen such an extensive review of headphones. I was actually in the market this past holiday season and my son wanted some wireless Beats. I myself own a pair of the wired Bose and love them. I found myself steering him toward the Bose just do to what I know and have heard of the company.
    Concerning your site, I would have moved on just based on the massive amount of information to take in concerning one pair of headphones. Yet I’m sure there are those out there that would love such a lengthy review. Page is setup really well and you start the reader off with the cheapest place they could pick them up. Huge, in my book! Also, the comments and your attention to each one is solid and would in my opinion, guarantee return traffic.
    Your content is excellent and I’m not taking away from it in one bit. What I would suggest is possibly a summarized version of the lengthy review for the novice headphone enthusiasts, so as not to lose anyone in the vast world of specifications. Great site, wish you well and good luck.

    1. Hey Jeff, thanks for the valuable input. I actually do a summarization including pros and cons. But yeah I get your point. I will see if I can include something on top of the page for people that are in a hurry, to give them the ability to quickly scroll down to the conclusion. Good stuff!


    2. Hey Jeff, I’ve added a button in the first chapter where people can click on to go straight to the conclusion, if they don’t feel like reading the whole review. As I’m always looking for things to improve the user’s experience on my site, I wanted to thank you again for bringing this to my attention.

  5. Wow, these Beyer dynamic DT 770 Pro headphones really look like the real deal. Thanks for breaking it down and explaining all the advantages of having it. I myself have a bose headphone which i think is of really good quality sound, what do you think about the bose brand?

    I really like the velour covered ear-pads , looks very comfotable and cozy.

  6. I own these DT770 pro headphones, and let me tell you, I have bought them three times in the past 10 years. The first time they were stolen along with my car, the second my child snagged the cable beyond repair. I have been on the last pair for 7 years now, and they sound as good as they did when I first purchased them.

    For music production, they are the standard, bar none. Your mixes will be accurate and transfer to different audio systems precisely as your mixing ear intended. If you can’t afford an expensive monitoring setup, then these DT 770’s are the move. I love them, they sound great, and if I ever lost this pair, I’d buy them AGAIN for the fourth time. And, they’re a steal at $137, as back in the day they retailed for $300. And I have to tell you that for recording sessions, that long cable comes in handy. Allows for some movement around the room. You cannot go wrong with these!

    1. Hey Christian, it’s great to hear the experience of someone who has used these so intensively over the past 10 years. Thanks for your input!


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