Best Music To Fall Asleep To – Even Hardrock!

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Are you looking for a way to help improve your sleep? You do not have to panic if you have sleep issues because there are different ways to help enjoy quality sleep.

One of the top ways is listening to music. Music is good not only for your heart but also for your brain. With the relaxation and soothing effects that music has on the brain, you will be amazed at how it will help you attain high-quality sleep fast.

Falling asleep to music is a great way to help you have a good rest, increase your sleeping time and eliminate any form of sleeping problems you may have. To help you in this process, here are different ways on how to fall asleep with music.

6 Best Music Genres to Fall Asleep To

1. Listen to calm classical music

Classical music to fall asleep with

One of the ways that can help you fall asleep to music is listening to calm, classical music. This form of music helps you sleep better. The music is good food for your mind especially if you feel stressed or depressed.

Calm classical music helps reduce stress symptoms. It does not matter your age because this kind of music helps people of all ages sleep faster and enjoy high-quality sleep. All you need to do is to listen to the music while resting on your bed instead of doing it before going to bed.

2. Soothing and sedative music

Zen music to fall asleep with

Soothing music is well known to be the best form of music that helps improve sleep. Many people report having slept better listening to sedative music that soothes their mind. This form of music can help you enjoy longer sleep and reduce sleep disturbances.

It is vital to understand that songs with exciting beats can have detrimental effects on your ability to sleep. Therefore, even if you want to listen to soothing music, make sure that it does not excite you because this will not help your mind relax fast. You should select songs that are melodic in nature and have a calming effect. The best songs to listen to are those with less than 60 beats per minute.

3. Focus on instrumental music

Instrumental music to fall asleep with

Another great way to help fall asleep fast is to listen to instrumental music. Instrumental music helps you have improved relaxation and rest that helps you enjoy quality sleep.

Choose those with cool and soothing instruments that will make your mind relax fast. It is even better if you listen to instrumental music of your favorite lyrics.

4. Smooth jazz

Jazz music to fall asleep with

Smooth jazz is a genre of music that mainly uses guitars, saxophones, trombones and other instruments with low sound. The songs might include romantic songs, love songs among others.

In most cases, they are instrumental, thus making them have an easy going and calming feeling that helps boost sleep.

5. Listen to reggae music

Reggea music to fall asleep with

Reggae music has become popular among many people worldwide. The songs are characterized by offbeat rhythms that have slow easy going melodies.

With the calming and soothing melody, the songs offer a great calming atmosphere that is conducive for better sleep. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite reggae songs in order to bring in a stress relieving and soothing atmosphere that will help you sleep faster.

6. Listen to hardrock, pop, EDM music at low volume

Hardrock to fall asleep with

If you’re thinking that the above music genres are too boring for you to listen to, even while trying to get to sleep and you’re more into pop, rock and EDM tunes, then don’t worry. You can still fall asleep on your favorite Disturbed track and head off to dreamland. However, there’s one trick to it…

“Reduced Volume”

Reducing the volume helps make your favorite music produce an easygoing sound that soothes you to sleep. To ensure that this music helps you sleep better, you should focus more on the melody and the lyrics in order to bring in that calming mood.

Use comfortable headphones

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In order to enjoy great sleep, it is vital you look for the most comfortable headphones to listen to the music. Compare the different headphones depending on the comfort level offered, sound and price. You can check and compare them at

Bottom line

Falling asleep to music is made easier if you select songs with a soothing tempo and do not have distracting lyrics.

However, that doesn’t mean that the more up-tempo songs aren’t suitable. Choosing the music you like and playing them on a reduced volume is more important.

Whatever you do, avoid boring music because such songs will just make you spend more time laying awake on your bed before you can sleep.

8 thoughts on “Best Music To Fall Asleep To – Even Hardrock!”

  1. I love your concepts of the 6 best types of music to fall asleep to. Personally, I love falling asleep to instrumental music for the “cool and soothing instruments” that help put me at easy. I learned that if lyrics to exist, I will start singing along in my head and not fall asleep! Smooth jazz has the same effect on me, as the tunes and ambience created by this genre of music is extremely soothing. However, I cannot fall asleep to hard rock music. That is the type of music I listen to most of the day and it typically gets me going and when I hear it, I instantly want to start a project or get something done around the house. Overall, great insight!

  2. As a video gamer I learned to appreciate instrumental music especially a game like Halo because it gives the sense of mystic and beauty at the sometime. And every time i hear it it gave me chills, if you say turn the volume down but is there is an specific reason for it? 

  3. Hi Jurgen!

    I’m a big fan of music especially when it’s hard to sleep. I think music, magnesium, and aromatherapy are the best solutions for when I can’t sleep.

    As far as genre, I found myself nodding in agreement until you got to reggae and hard rock. Everyone is different, but I don’t think I could sleep to reggae or hard rock, but maybe I’m picking the wrong songs.

    Are you referring to slower, calmer reggae and hard rock, or which ones are you referring to?

    1. Hey Tiffany, reggae can actually be very relaxing, just try googling it. You’ll be surprised at what results come up. 😉

      I’m not specifically refering to any particular songs with hard rock or edm. It all depends on personal preference. Just make sure you play it on a low volume. 😉

  4. I’ve always had a lot of trouble falling asleep, and I seem to go through cycles from needing absolute silence, to needing noise to block out other noise, to needing ambient noise to break up the silence. I’ve found music helpful at certain times because it not only blocks out unwanted noise, but also helps relax – like you say. You bring up some musical genres I never would have considered, and I will have to try these out. I find I have to stick strictly to instrumental music, though, because any words will keep me awake.

  5. First of all, thank you so much for writing this blog. I am so stressed sometimes or not relaxed to keep sleep.

    I remember most of the people encouraging me to use sleep drugs since I have insomnia.

    What one do you think is best for someone in my position? I thought that the classical or the smoothe one might work but what would you recommend?

    1. Hey Liz, what works for you is a bit of a trial and error. Classical works, but if you hate classical music it’s not gonna work for you. That’s why I’ve mentioned several music genres to help people find their preference. So go ahead and try it out 🙂

      Remember to use comfortable headphones, because even the best music isn’t gonna get you to sleep if you constantly feeling pain from using your headphone. Cheers!

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