Dubslabs Bedphones Wireless Extensive Real-Life Review!

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Bedphones Wireless ReviewJust a quick note: there are a few affiliate links below and your support by shopping through these links helps us create more awesome content. This comes at no extra cost to you. So a big thanks in advance, we appreciate you!

As music is my preferred sleep aid, I’m always updated on the latest versions of sleep headphones on the market.

Having previously reviewed and been impressed by the Bedphones Wireless; the latest in Dublabs’ range of designed for sleep headphones, I have been raving on and off about them to all and sundry, including my wife.

This is when I got the idea of doing a Two-Person Real-Life Extensive Review on these sleeping headphones.

We’ve used the Bedphones Wireless extensively each day and night over the last 4 months to bring you this in-depth review!

How I Tricked My Wife in Becoming a Reviewer

At this point I should mention I’ve been trying to get my wife to ditch her earmuffs for headphones for a while now but she hasn’t stuck with any sleep headphone for a variety of reasons.

That’s why her skepticism was expected when I began admiring the Bedphones a little too much, and also why when it came I was ready with my usual response, all the reasons why she should try them too.

True to form she argued every one of my points and because both of us don’t ever back down, it wasn’t long before it had escalated to a full-blown bet.



Dubslabs Bedphones Wireless Contents

She would like these headphones I said, and if she didn’t we would spend the holiday season at her parents’, if on the other hand she liked them we would stay home.

And well, since I’d been planning on using the Bedphones for an extended period to see how they would hold up, this became the perfect opportunity for even better objectivity.

As the famous saying goes, two heads are better than one, well in this case, two reviewers are better than one and after four months of using the Bedphones Wireless this is what we learned;

How Comfortable are these Sleep Headphones?

Comfort is a big deal for both my wife and I, as it is for most people. For a made-for-sleep headphone, however, it is quite literally the number one quality to look at. Thankfully, the Bedphones did not disappoint in that regard.

The first thing we noticed about the Bedphones is how thin the speakers are with my wife going so far as to say, “these speakers look like they’ll break in half on day one”. I think she was secretly hoping they would just so I’d lose my bet, nevertheless, I didn’t argue…

As on-ears, the Bedphones Wireless are made to sit on your ears, while this might seem a counterintuitive approach given how quite a lot of people sleep on the side and no one wants the discomfort of something hard pressing against their ears all night.

This is where the super thin design comes in handy as the speaker is more like a thin disc (or quarter) that doesn’t press against the ears in any perceptible way.

Furthermore, the speakers are covered with foam and then coated with ABS, making sure no metal is felt by the wearer. A fact that impressed my wife as this has been one of her major complaints against wearing headphones at night, choosing earmuffs instead to mask my above-mentioned snoring.

The speakers are held in place by adjustable memory wire earhooks. Unlike most brands which limit the way you can adjust you earhooks to a degree, these ones are infinitely adjustable, meaning you can wear them in whatever way feels comfortable to you. I settled on wearing them over and around my ears from behind.

At this point, I should probably mention that Bedphones Wireless are not completely wireless, that’s because of the included inline remote control, and battery, which are housed on wires connecting the speakers.

Leading to what was the only blip we had in terms of comfort after day one, my wife woke up complaining that the headphones were kind of scratching her neck, only to discover she’d forgotten to remove the label from the wires.

The aforementioned wires come with a cable slider connected to adjust the length as you see fit. After four months of using the Bedphones, I should say the fact that they aren’t completely wireless means they don’t get the full marks they would otherwise have in terms of comfort.

The wires did get tangled up once in a while, especially when I tried wearing them with the cable slider much further back, which allowed the wires more room for movement causing said entanglement.

Using Different Kind of Pillows

I use a normal soft pillow to sleep while my wife who sometimes has neck pain uses a memory foam pillow. For me, the soft pillow was pretty much 100% compatible with the headphones, with no discomfort or pressure of any sort against my ears.

The memory foam pillow didn’t create the most comfortable experience for my wife at first with the pillow being a little harder, after a few days of use, it did adjust fully and she reported pretty much the same comfort experience as me.

Wait… There’s A Sleepmask?

Not found with every other sleeping headphone on the market, Dubslabs have included a nifty little gadget… a sleepmask.

Actually, it quickly became more than just a freebie in the box as my wife especially seems to be really enjoying this extra item as she gets to fall asleep in complete darkness even if I’m still up working or reading.

Personally, I’ve found greater use for it on my occasional afternoon naps when I’m not at work.

All in all, comfort seems to have been a really big deal for the DubsLabs in creating the Bedphones Wireless and it shows.

  • Comfort Score: Me – 4.5/5 Wife – 4/5

Testing Durability and Ease of Use

I’ll start by saying, had I listened to my first instinct, I would have refuted my wife’s claim that the Bedphone speakers wouldn’t last a single night because boy was she wrong.

Not only are the 23mm drivers, thin, they are extremely strong and after 4 months, still holding up good as new.

The cables also stood up with none of us having experienced any signs of wear and tear when using them so far. Most of the time the cable is the weak spot with cheaper headphones as audio drop outs occur caused by low quality cables. This is not the case here!

So Versatile! Audiobooks and more…

For example, while I always read for a while before turning on my music to try and fall asleep. My wife has recently (in the last month) taken to listening to audiobooks after trying and failing to get into the reading habit as exhibited by her failure to finish her second book of the year, J. R. Ward’s “Dark Lover”.

Never mind the small stack that has been slowly piling up on her bedside table all year, including her most recent purchase, “Born A Crime” by the Daily Show’s host, Trevor Noah.

In the month that she has started listening to audiobooks she has finished half of the books she had on her reading list, mostly because she has taken to wearing the Bedphones everywhere including work just to listen to audiobooks.

To accuse my wife of being the only culprit to take the Bedphones out of the bedroom would be grossly unfair as I must admit that habit has caught up to me too.

In fact, it’s safe to say I’ve become worse than she is!

I wear the Bedphones practically everywhere I go; in the car to work, they’re on; at work, they’re on; picking up my son from school, they’re on.

According to my son, the other parents have taken to calling me hands-free dad because of the way I’m always chatting on the headphones when I pick up my son from school, but hey what can I say, convenience, and when you’re as busy as I am you take it all.

  • Durability score: Me – 4/5 Wife – 4/5
  • Usability: Me – 4/5 Wife – 4.2/5

Do the Bedphones Wireless Sound Good?

While the Bedphones excel in pretty much every other area, this is the one factor where they’re not as impressive.

The mids and lows are solid but have a tinny sound to them when you turn the volume up too loud, which might not be the best experience when you’re listening to your favorite tracks.

The sound is also audible to the next person as these don’t quite have the best seal in the game, especially as on ears, which is how my wife and I wore them before we made a gem of a discovery.

The Bedphones can also be pressed into the concha bowl (basically the inside of your ear which leads to the ear-canal), which gives a much better seal and with it, better sound quality. A discovery I made purely by chance while playing around with the positioning of the earhooks one night.

The tinny sound from the mids and lows (at high volume) is less audible when the headphones are worn this way, hence the improvement in sound quality.

Back to the on-ear method, this will give you some problems if you like your music loud, especially if you like mini-discos pounding at you while you try to sleep, although I’m sure that won’t apply to too many people.

It certainly didn’t apply to my wife and I during our bedtimes. But you should see the looks our son shot us during our car rides as mum and dad’s “weird” (his word, not mine) music was blasting at him from all angles.

The lower frequencies are much better in terms of how they sound even at full volume. The bass, thankfully, doesn’t muddy and treble is solid.

All things being equal, the sound quality of the Bedphones is slightly above average, which is good when compared to other headphones in this niche but a bit of a let-down when you consider how seamless most other things are on the Bedphones.

  • Sound Quality: Me – 3.4/5 Wife – 3/5

Bedphones Wireless Worth It?

The Bedphones Wireless Headphone isn’t a new innovation in any way, while this may sound like criticism, it’s not, this simply means DubsLabs has had the opportunity to work on different models of the headphone and improve an already impressive design.

Even if you don’t use them as sleep headphones, they’ve proven their usefulness outside of the bedroom on more than one occasion.

Comfort is as good as it can get for sleep headphones, with only the top headphones in the niche coming anywhere close.

These are great for people who can’t stand in-ear headphones, but still want something discrete and lightweight.

Sound quality is the only factor which could presumably stop this from being an A-class headphone (especially for audiophiles) but that’s to be expected, no one needs premium quality sound while they’re sleeping, at least I know most people don’t care.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering who won the bet between my wife and I, all I’ll say is, we’re not spending Christmas at the in-laws’ this year. 😉



35 thoughts on “Dubslabs Bedphones Wireless Extensive Real-Life Review!”

  1. Have you used these to watch videos? I’ve been researching Bluetooth earphones, and I hear that they can have latency that leads to the audio falling out of sync with the video. I’ll pick up a pair of Bedphones regardless, but I’d like to manage my expectations in terms of use.

    1. Hey Terry, I do actually. I use the bedphones often while watching Netflix and Youtube on my smartphone and I can say I did not see any noticeable lag with the audio.

  2. Which shall I order: the Bedphones or the new Versafit bluetooth by Dublabs. Both are almost identical. I want a durable sleep headphones.

    1. While almost identical, the Versafit is more tailored towards sports activities. It doesn’t have the soft foam padding. Instead, it uses sweatproof silicone rubber. Of course, you could use both for either activity. It’s just something to think about. The Bedphones will be more comfortable while sleeping because of the foam padding, but it will not be sweatproof. It can withstand a bit of sweat of course, but if you’re a very active person, the foam padding will eventually disintegrate over time… If your primary use will be as a sleep headphone, then it’s best to choose the Bedphones. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  3. I have heard of headphones but this is the first time I’m hearing of bedphones. Music is a sleeping aid for me as well but   I normally would not use headphones. Reading your review, describing how comfortable they are even when you sleep on your side, I am being tempted to get one for me and maybe more for my children. 

  4. I love the fact that you can wear these at night.  I have only used earbuds at night and only in one ear as they would be uncomfortable to sleep on the other one.  There are times that I would love to fall asleep to music but do not as it is not as comfortable as I would like.  I also use it to block out sounds at night like neighbours.  I also love to listen to audio books, sometimes while falling asleep.  It is great that it is versatile enough to use outside of the bedroom as well as for sleep. 

  5. Great review.  Very clever how you made this a review between how you and your wife appreciated the different features and benefits of the sleep headsets.

    I need some quality earphones and I can see myself reading more of the many books I keep putting off because of my busy lifestyle…(actually, who isn’t busy).

    Great images! You did a great job in letting your readers know about these sleep earphones.

    Thank you

  6. Headphones sure have come a long way since the days of cassette tape walkmans. My first set of headphones were big and ugly with those foam ear protectors. Proper 80s stye lol.

    But I must agree that music is the absolute best way of getting to sleep because it’s so calming, and these Dubslabs Bedphones look perfect for those who are tired of getting tangled up in wires and also damaging the wires when they fall asleep.

    Judging from your review, it seems you’ve bcome quite attached to your Bedphones which is obviously a good sign. I’m also liking the fact, that youve given them pretty decent scores from various angles.

    Today, I actually upgraded my smartphone (the first time in 3 years) to a Samsung A6. So I’m now back in the “cool gang” again and could do with a decent set of headphones other than the basic ones they give you with your phone. UGH!

    But as far as tech goes, I’m a little out of touch. So are the headphones compatable with Samsungs? Or is it a dumb question?

    Cheers, Neil

    1. Hey Neil. The A6 is a cool device man! And you bet it’s compatible with the Bedphones, don’t worry about that.

      You’re right that I (and the wife!) have become very fond of them. To be honest, they’re one of my most used pairs and even if I’m not wearing them, 9 out of 10 they’re in my pocket.

  7. julienne murekatete

    Wow,i like the review.I am used to sleeping while listening to music but i could not try any head phones as they told me they could cause some ear damage.Thank you for this review as i really wanted something to help me sleep without making noise to other people around me.

    I think i am going to order them after checking the price.

  8. Olonisakin Kehinde

    Jurgen, good review here. i wear earphones but not all the time, the simple reason is most are not comfortable and wearing them all time is not too good. I love music, movies amd audio books some time and i love to use ear plugs……. bedphones may be a good solution with your rating of 4.5/5 

  9. I just love headphones, I probably have over 30 pairs lying around the house. Everything from wireless, to wired, to noise cancelling.  However, I don’t have a pair of “bedphones”.  I always struggle with my buds every time I go to sleep, mainly because I sleep on my side and the buds end up being uncomfortable.  

    I will definitely check these out and most probably make myself a Christmas gift!  Website bookmarked!

    Thanks for the very informative review! 

  10. Interesting concept. My biggest concern isn’t disturbing anyone else but the sound quality…That’s a huge factor for me, plus I would also want to use this when I’m doing other stuff (working out).

    Is the quality that much improved when it’s pressed into the bowl? and will it stay in? I’d hate to have to keep adjusting it.

    1. Hey Dave. There’s definitely a noticeable improvement in sound quality when you press them in. Both me and the missus can testify for that! 🙂

      Don’t worry about them falling out, unless you really start shaking your head like a maniac, and even then they manage to stay in longer than I thought. How do I know? I just tried it out for you. 🙂

  11. Great post and wireless earphones is what I really need, I have a boring job, but I’m not close to a computer, and to have the cable is irritating, or you can pull it out of your ears or your head, and it can hurt, almost got a bleeding ear because of it.

    So I’m happy I stumbled across your post, I’m certainly go to check it out, I don’t need them for sleep, but really for my work.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  12. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    Great review, so many times, in  the past I found myself not lasting one month with headphones, my friend always regarded me as careless . I later found that the reason I was not lasting with them was that I wasn’t considering quality and choice. I was just buying them for the sake of it.

    There are three things I liked about Dubslabs bedphones (a) the they are very thin-when sleeping you don’t have to feel the weight of the phones, so this is one thing I like them most. (b)covered in foam- most of the headphones I bought previously were covered by plastic and I never liked effect of the plastic on my ears. (c) because you are now in the 4th month using them, I will definitely try them to see if its my carelessness that I couldn’t a month with my previous headphones.

    Thank you so much for a great review

  13. I have to say that I came onto this review looking for wireless earphones for me to use while I listen to my tracks in the evening before I go to sleep so I was a little disappointed when I saw that they were not wireless.

    After reading a bit about them though I started to realise that they could be worth trying out as they sort of fit into what I was looking for like the sound quality if they are not too loud and the comfortable foam for the ears.

    They do look a little large for the ears though, is that because of the close-up camera shots or are they a bit on the bulky side?

    1. Hey Matthew, yeah that’s the photographer in me making those close-up shots. 🙂 In reality they’re not so big at all.

      You make an interesting point of the Bedphones Wireless actually not being completely wireless. I always found that a funny observation with 90% of the wireless earphones. Although true wireless earphones are still in the minority, that’s certainly gonna change in the years to come.

  14. I have never heard of these headphones for bed before I arrived here in this awesome website

    My partner snores really loudly and having some of these will help me sleep  in peace listening to something enjoy and I am off to buy some of these amazing bedphones and its so awesome they are wireless 

    Thank you

    1. Absolutely Vicki, the Bedphones surely help when you’ve got a snoring partner. I advise to push them into the concha bowl as is improves isolation. Let me know if you need any help!

  15. Ellie Strand, MSN, RN, APRN (Ret.)

    This is a great review, Jurgen. I always wear some sort of ear bud or headphone to fall asleep. Like your wife, I prefer listening to audiobooks since I often have trouble falling asleep and/or am up for an hour or more during the night due to health issues.

    While I’ve adjusted to earbuds at night, I really prefer something like what you reviewed. I was happy to see the cord situation appears to be handled better than in some of the sleep headphones I’ve tried in the past. 

    I’m a bit concerned about fitting the Bedphones into my ear’s concha bowl as everyone has a unique ear shape. How well would they accommodate between a large guy and a petite woman? If they were worn over the ear, would they slip around as you moved in bed?

    Thanks for bringing these sleeping headphones to my attention! I know what to put on my Christmas list now.

    1. Hi Ellie. Well, my wife has little ears and she has no issues whatsoever to press the Bedphones into the concha bowl, so no worries I guess… 🙂

      Also, they won’t slip around when wearing these resting on the ear as they’re kept in place by the fully adjustable memory wire earhooks.

      I’m glad I could help you out in getting that Christmas list ready 😉

  16. This is such a great idea – headphones for sleep – Bedphones!  LOL!  I never heard of such a thing in my life.  I use ear plugs sometimes when I know I’m going to want to sleep in because I have my granddaughter living in the house, and she’s only 2, so she doesn’t get the concept of “SSSSHHHH Gigi’s sleeping” LOL!  She has no idea what that means, and so I’m reading about these headphones, and they could be a real helpful tool for me.  I’m thinking I’m going to give them a try.  They might be just what the doctor ordered! 

  17. These look like great headphones for sleep. I don’t usually listen to anything when I’m trying to sleep, but I have in the past dabbled with hypnosis tracks and these would have been very handy to have. If I ever go that route again, I’ll have to remember these.

    How do they hold up for exercising? Would they stay on with vigorous activity? I’m drawn to them because I HATE having things inside my ears, but almost all athletic head phones are made that way. It drives me nuts and I usually just end up listening to nothing because I can never get them to stay in or not tug funny.

    1. Hey Holly. You could use these for exercising and they will do a pretty good job. However if you’re doing intense exercising then you might wanna check out the Versafit headphones. It’s from the same company and they look identical to the Bedphones, but they’re sweatproof. I’m working on a review of these at the moment, so check back in a week or so!

  18. I have used bed phones before,not this brand however. The one thing I never liked about them was the ear discomfort the always caused me, as you stated most of us sleep on our side this is my case. If you can press them in a little as you mentioned was their less discomfort then having them just sit on the ear? 

    1. Actually you can use they just sitting on your ears or you can press them a bit in further. Both ways are very comfortable. Neither me or my wife had any discomfort during our 4-month test.

  19. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed sleep headphones before.  i have to say they seem very sleek and I can see how they wouldn’t impede your ability to get comfy on a pillow.  These would have come in handy on my cross country flight last month…my high end ear buds didn’t quite handle the trip.

    How are these for staying in place like for when you are working out or running?

    1. Hey Tim. For exercising you need to push them into the concha bowl. This way they stay in even if you’re moving a lot.

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