BatBand – Bone Conducting Headphones


Recently I discovered another Kickstarter project and I gotta say it’s a pretty interesting one.

Batband. An ear free headphone using an innovative bone conducting system to deliver the sound directly into your head. This kind of technology frees up the outer ears so people can still clearly hear environmental sounds in their surroundings.

How does it work?

So how does this bone conducting system works?  Let me show you using the graphic below.

Bone Conducting Technology

By using 3 transducers, two on the sides and one on the back, sound vibrations are sent into your head. They are transported through your bones straight into the inner ears. Instead of using the classic method of using your outer ears.


So what features does the BatBand have? Let’s see…

There is an incorporated microphone so you can make phone calls. It has touch sensors to easily control music functions and also call functions. The picture below is straight from their Kickstart page.

The BatBand has a frequency response between 300-19000 Hz, which for a lifestyle headphone is perfectly acceptable. The batteries should provide 6 hours of music playback or 8 hours of conversation. The BatBand is rechargeable through a micro-USB connection. For wearing comfort, the Batband is equipped with soft padding on the inside.

Music Quality

Honestly, I have no idea how it would sound. I was unable to find any useable info to give any comments on the possible sound quality. But considering this is a lifestyle headphone, it is safe to say it will not have audiophile sound quality onboard. Which is not necessary, since you’ll mostly be using this while doing other activities.

Current Status & Stretch Goals

The Kickstarter project runs until Wednesday 28 October and has already surpassed their initial goal of $150,000. Currently, they are at $455,732 and have 2 stretch goals.

#1 Closing in at $500,000 is a case for the BatBand.

#2 At $1,000,000 is an app.

Not sure what to think of this.  As for the BatBand itself, they want $150k and just to provide a case they need $350k extra…  Also $500k extra for an app?

Anyway, checking out their roadmap, they still have more than six months to go before launching the final product.



I’ve personally not heard any bone conducting headphones before. It’s out there, but still not really mainstream. But I do think it’s gonna be more popular in the coming years, so it’s interesting to see how the developments are going to evolve.

What about you guys. Have you got experience with bone-conducting headphones? If yes, how do they sound? Do they completely replace conventional headphones? Let me know in the comments below!

UPDATE – Campaign has ended

Batband Goal

UPDATE 2 – Stretch Goals

It seems they adjusted their stretch goals:

$750,000 for the app, which they have reached.

$1,000,000 for a second choice for the outer frame color. Didn’t reach that, but who knows they eventually can provide this choice.


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