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Hi guys, first of all, I wanna apologize it took so long for this article to be released. But with vacations and all, I didn’t really have the focus to get it out earlier. I hope you understand.

So that being said, let’s get on with what is the conclusion in our Audio-Technica M-Series overview. We finally arrived at the ATH-M70x!

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Quick overview of the new M-Series line-up

Audio-Technica ATH-M70X

The ATH-M70x is a completely new model and thus redeems the ATH-M50x of its position as the flagship model. As you can see in the pictures the most noticeable difference compared to the other models is the headband. It’s a lot thinner which makes it look less bulky.

Check out the official presentation video on the Audio-Technica ATH-M70X:

Reproducing extreme lows and highs

As with the M50X, the M70X also uses 45mm drivers, but this time with an impedance of 38 Ohms. Like every model in the M-Series, the low Ohm value means this headphone is also very capable of being driven by portable devices.

Now, Audio-Technica promotes these headphones as being able to reproduce extreme lows and highs, and when you look at the frequency response range, this claim seems to be correct.  The M70X has a frequency response between 5 and 40.000 Hz. I gotta tell you, that’s pretty amazing! This is something that’s typically only seen with high impedance headphones. It’s even better than the Sennheiser HD650, which is a 300 Ohm headphone! Not bad Audio-Technica…

I checked out several reviews to get a better understanding of how these cans sound.  So this is my impression based on several reviews.

Bass is supposed to be tight and rich, but not boomy.  It seems that the M50X has more bass, but it is not as detailed as the M70X. Now a strange thing I’ve read in one of the reviews is that you need a perfect fit with the earpads or bass performance suffers very noticeably.

Mids seem to play a background role on the M70X. Although they are still clearly present, they are not as accentuated.

Highs are very detailed. The M70X sounds brighter than the M50X, but it’s supposed to be more evenly stretched out.

So overall the M70X is a V-shaped headphone, but it’s not an extreme V shape.  It’s more spread out over all frequencies.


Audio-Technica ATH-M70X – The new flagship model!


The M70X is a closed over-the-ear headphone, so noise isolation is very good.  I’ve even read that the isolation is even better than the M50X! This means the M70X has the best passive noise isolation of all the M-Series models.

The M70X has a detachable cable, just like the M40X and M50X. Just like the M50X, you get three different cables. A 1.2m straight cable, a 3m straight cable and a 1.2-3m coiled cable. All of high quality!

The earpads are supposed to be very soft and it seems that they are even more comfortable than those of the M50X! They are big enough to give a great fit around your ears.

While the weight of this headphones is approx. the same as the ATH-M50X, it seems to be feeling lighter on your head, thanks to the thinner headband.

The earcups can be turned 90 degrees and only with the inside of the cups flat on your chest. This is not as good as the M50X, which could turn 180 degrees!



The ATH-M70X looks like a great headphone for monitoring purposes when you need to hear a lot of detail in the low and high frequencies. Just make sure you have a perfectly sealed fit around your ears. People with glasses need to pay attention! Because, if it’s not sealed properly, you will lose almost all bass response!

Being the flagship model, Audio-Technica has once again used pro-grade materials which make it a very durable headphone. Also you get a lot of extras in the box, just like with the ATH-M50X.

That’s it, guys. We have finally checked out all the new models in the M-Series. Hope you enjoyed it! Oh and if you could tell me what your thoughts are on the M70X… Do you like the new design path Audio-Technica has taken with the M70X? Let me know in the comments below!


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