Audio-Technica M-Series Overview – ATH-M40X

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Part 3 into the series we’re closing in on the more expensive models. So today we take a look at the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X

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Tuned to sound flat over all frequencies.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40X

As with the previous two models, the ATH-M40X looks very similar. Small details reveal that this is the ATH-M40X. The Audio-Technica logo has a chrome finish and there is a chrome ring finish on the earcups. Again Audio-Technica provides its headphones with a slightly more premium finish as we go higher in the price range.

Most Neutral Sounding

The ATH-M40X are designed to be the most neutral sounding headphone in the M-series. These are tuned completely flat so you’ll be able to accurately monitor your music, without emphasize on lows, mids or highs.

Featuring 40mm drivers with an impedance of 35 Ohms these are more power efficient than the M20X and the M30X. They’re perfectly usable with any portable device or your laptop. So no external amp needed.

Overall, these cans should provide you with a nice even detailed sound across all frequencies.

Foldable for easy transportation and travel


Being a closed-back over-the-ear headphone, the ATH-M40X provides great passive isolation and very little sound leakage. Perfect for loud environments or home use in the living room.

Like the other models, the ATH-M40X has pleather earpads to provide a comfortable fit. From what I’ve read these earpads seem to be a bit softer and more comfortable than the M20X and M30X.

The earcups can be swiveled around for 90 degrees which is a lot more than the 15 degrees on the M20X and M30X. Furthermore, the cups can be folded out for a comfortable fit around your neck.

The ATH-M40X is the first in the M-series that has a detachable cable and in the box you’ll get a 1.2m-3m coiled cable and a 3m straight cable. Again sturdy quality cables and no flimsy stuff.

The ATH-M40X has a folding mechanism so you can just push the earcups inside the headband, which makes it easy for transportation and travel. Oh and at 240 grams these are still regarded as light, although a bit heavier than the M30X and 50 grams heavier than the M20X.

So in the box you get as extras, a screw-on quarter inch connector, two cables coiled and straight and a travel bag.

The first model in the new M-series that has a detachable cable.



A small price bump when we go up in the M-series, but still amazing value for money if you ask me. A slightly more premium finish compared to the M30X. Finally a detachable cable and you get not one but two different cables included in the package!

Being a very flat sounding headphone these will be great for professionals that need to monitor the sound exactly as it is with no boosting of any of the frequencies.

It’s amazing how Audio-Technica makes these headphones and in fact any of the M-series with these pro-grade materials for such an amazing price.

That’s it again for this time. Next up will be the incarnation of the legendary M50: the M50X.  But before you go, I wanna know what you think of the ATH-M40X? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Audio-Technica M-Series Overview – ATH-M40X”

  1. Hey great review! This is kind of a headphone that i can use in house for my personal purposes. I must admit that i actually adore big headphones, i’m kind of a maximalist i think. My personal favourite like many other people is sennheiser but some of their models can cost you a fortune, so this is a good alternative for personal use purposes.

  2. I’ve been looking for a replacement for my headphones. My young friends laugh at me because they all use ear buds these days.

    I don’t really need studio headphones but I’ve always liked a flat response curve. I hate the accentuated boom box sound most of the kids like these days.

    I’ll get a set of these on order as soon as my budget permits. Thanks for the info.

    share-a-like dot com

  3. Thanks for the informative post Jurgen. I have to have my headphones on when I work – it puts me in a different zone.

    For me, the headphones that go right over the ear instead of the little ‘beans’ are a better choice, but that’s just personal preference.

    Really like the way you clearly gave info on the features, price, and of course, the most important part – the sound.

    If you had to chose, which headphones in this series would you go for?

    1. Hey Justin, it’s a difficult choice since they all have their qualities. But if I really had to choose one, I probably would go for one of the limited editions of the ATH-M50X 🙂

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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