Audio-Technica M-Series Overview – ATH-M30X

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A few days ago I talked a bit about the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X, the entry model in Audio-Technica’s M-series. Today I’ll continue with the next in line. The Audio-Technica ATH-M30X.

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A forwarded mid-range is the characteristic of the ATH-M30X

Audio-Technica ATH-M30X

It’s immediately obvious that the ATH-M30X looks very similar to the ATH-M20X. There’s a little bit more detail on the outside of the earcups  on the logo, which now has a chrome finish. Also the plastic parts where the earcups are connected to exist out of two parts. This is because the ATH-M30X is foldable. Other than that it’s visually the same.

Like the ATH-M20X the ATH-M30X has 40mm drivers, with an impedance of 47 Ohms and should be capable of being driven by most portable devices.

Check out the official presentation video:

Excellent Mid-Range Definition

The ATH-M30X has been tuned to provide a strong mid-range clarity, which makes these an excellent choice for professionals who need to mix vocals or certain instruments like guitars. But they should also be excellent for people who just want to enjoy their music.  I’ve read that the ATH-M30X gives listeners a nice detailed sound and thanks to the mid-range being forwarded a bit, you’ll be able to hear detail in your music that maybe you didn’t hear before.

All by all it seems like a very enjoyable headphone to listen to.

The Audio-Technica logo on the ATH-M30X has a more premium finish compared to the ATH-M20X


Just like all models from the M-series, these are also closed-back over-the-ear headphones, which means there is minimum sound leakage, so you won’t be bothering nearby people. Furthermore, they also provide great passive isolation, so these are also excellent in loud environments.

The ATH-M30X is also equipped with a non-removable 3m straight cable of high quality. It’s not a flimsy cable that you mostly see on portable headphones, but the cable is nice and thick. This quality is not something you’ll easily see on headphones in this price range.

The earpads are made from a pleathery material, just like the ATH-M20X and they should provide a decent enough comfort for your ears. The pads fit nicely around your ears for a comfy fit, but – just like the ATH-M20X- this could lead to a certain heat build-up when wearing these for longer periods.

Also like the ATH-M20X, the earcups of the ATH-M30X can be turned 15 degrees and you can fold them out to make them more comfortable to wear around your neck.

Good news for everyone who’s looking for a headphone that’s easy to transport in a bag or suitcase. These are completely collapsible which makes them excellent for travel.

Weighing 220 grams these are a bit heavier than the ATH-M20X, but still considered as being light.

Extras in the box are a screw-on quarter inch connector and a carrying bag. Nothing too fancy.

The ATH-M30X is collapsible for easy transportation.



The ATH-M30X is a little bit more expensive than the ATH-M20X, but you get some advantages and extras.  The foldable mechanism is a big plus.  They have a bit more of a premium finish and you’ll get a travel bag. All in all not a bad deal!

Great sound quality with a mid-range boost for extra detail and clarity makes these a nice addition to the M-series and this for an unbeatable price.

OK guys, that’s it for the ATH-M30X. What are your thoughts about it? Do you think the price increase is justified? Let me know in the comments below!

Next up will be the ATH-M40X!

8 thoughts on “Audio-Technica M-Series Overview – ATH-M30X”

  1. Excellent! Thanks so much 🙂 I’ve been looking for some good headphones with great mid range definition for monitoring vintage rock and RNB projects I’m currently recording. Most modern headphones have too little mid definition to clearly mix a good rock band – but I’m checking these out for sure!

  2. Thank you for your tips on earphones. I personally didn’t understand the difference in sound quality until I went from little ear plugs to listening with the full cup Beats. I noticed the sound would hurt my ears using little ear plugs after a while too.
    Just curious, what is your opinion of Beats?

    1. Hi Jennie, Beats is not known for having the most awesome sounding headphones 😉 Now I heard the new Beats Solo 2 is pretty decent, so it seems they are improving in that area.

  3. Hello!
    Nice presentation of what seems to be good set of headphones. I am reading your article at the right time as well, cause I am in the process of buying a pair.

    Audio-Technica ATH-M30X seems to be very nice and they are not expensive. May I ask what are they made for and how big is resistance? Just for music listening on portable devices or more than that?

    I am asking cause I am looking for pair that can be plugged in to middle power guitar amplifier and not get burned. Any advice?


    1. Hey Igor, they have a sensitivity of 96dB and an impedance of 47 Ohms. They can be used with portable devices as well as your guitar amp.

      These are professional monitoring headphones, just like the other ones from the M-series.

  4. Hey Jurgen.

    It really is a shame that these headphones don’t come with a detached cable. Even though you mentioned that it is very strong, I can’t help but get paranoid that the longer you have headphones – the more likely the cable is to stop working over time from bending. Is there another pair of headphones in this range that has a detachable cable?

    The folding capability is a huge selling point though! I had a pair of V-Moda Crossfade M100’s and they do the exact same. I don’t know where i’d be without that feature.

    Nice review.

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